Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Bright and Shiny"

"Bright and Shiny" Oil on Linen, 10.5"x8.5", Steven J Parrish 

This painting was inspired by my Aunt Sharon Koppen who past away suddenly. She was always Bright and Shiny, a great spirit who enjoyed our paintings.

The white vase and background of this setup was so bright that it made the the chalice, copper cup, and green satin ribbon look dark. I had a great time painting this subject.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Cheap A$$ Clamp

"Cheap A$$ Clamp", Steven J Parrish, 11"x18", Oil On Linen
I finished this painting earlier this year. The tools were lent to me by a friend. They belonged to his Grandfather who was a carpenter in the days before power tools. I liked the idea that he needed to sharpen his saw almost daily because a sharp saw was much easier on the arm power. The cheap red clamp was chosen solely for it's color, I have much nicer clamps but this painting needed some color.