Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Light of Life" Linda Volrath, Oil on Linen, 12" x 9"

Linda and I wish you a Merry Christmas.

To all our friends, family, and patrons, we appreciate you being in our lives, and enjoy the time we have spent together.

We're looking forward to next year and hope you will continue to share the beauty of life with us.

Linda and Steven

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Best Friends" Oil on Linen, by Steven J Parrish

The Holidays are taking up a lot of our time and painting days have been few and far between. Paint is being put on canvas but nothing is finished. Since progress is slow I would like to just talk about art for a moment.

Linda and I meet a fair number of people in our travels and as soon as they find out we are artists we get some predictable reactions. Some people are fascinated, some are curious, and to some, it even seems like a normal thing to do. The most interesting part of the discussion that follows depends on whether the person owns original art or not. If they own original art they are glad to talk to us about it. They are always the most passionate about art when they found a piece and purchased it themselves. Art collectors, even if only one piece, know how original art in their home enriches their lives, and brings them joy. We have found this to be universally true. We have never met anyone who said "I have a painting in my house and I hate it." Every collector we have spoken to agrees on one thing, "There is always room in the house for more art.". The conversations with non-collectors tend to focus on everything other than buying or owning art. I can see why this is the case, buying art can be overwhelming and expensive, but I believe the biggest issue is that non-collectors don't see art adding any value to their lives. Let's face it, people will not spend money if they do not perceive value. Most people will never find value in art, but those that learn to appreciate how art can make them feel, and the beauty that it can add to their home will be forever changed. I think it is the responsibility of everyone involved in the art world to help those with even the smallest interest in art feel welcome and comfortable with the process. After all it benefits and adds value to us all.