Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Dust Devils" Linda Volrath, Oil on Linen, 11" x 13"

Linda and I went to the Blue Ridge Hunt point to point steeplechase races last weekend. Thanks to Chris and Andy for the wonderful food and hospitality. The weather was a major character in our day. It rained hard all morning, but by race time the rain had stopped and the temperature was in the mid forties. That all changed at 3 PM when a cold front came through bringing hail and heavy rain. It only lasted 30 minutes or so, but the horses weren't happy and the spectators ran for cover. Those that chose to seek shelter in the porta-johns came to regret their decision as they were blown over. After the rain the temperature dropped a good ten to fifteen degrees and the wind howled at 20 to 30 mph. The races continued and those of us who stuck it out were rewarded with several close finishes and a fun story to tell. No horses or riders were injured and it was another success for the Blue Ridge Hunt.

Me face into the wind

We got some great photos of both horses and spectators. We captured some images that Karin Jurick would love. If you don't know Karin Jurick's work here is a link to her Blog;

Karin captures ordinary people in the act of doing ordinary things, and elevates the scene to a beautiful moment in time with her expressive paintings.